Uplifting Mum Quotes

Uplifting mum quotes

Here are some inspirational mum quotes to uplift mothers and need that encouragement when we struggle. Share them or save and post these to help other mamas who need reminding they're already amazing enough. 


1. Daily Reminder - "It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary".

Mother's are the best multitaskers, they do everything for their kids, their families but sometimes they can be burnt out. Here's a quick reminder for mama that she is important and it's time to take some me time and self love.

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2. Diamond mum - "You're a diamond babe, they can't break you". 

Don't let someone darken your shine, if they judge you on the way you parent, how you look and dress, and how you handle motherhood. We all feel sensitive when someone judges just remember you are a rare diamond for your family. Unbreakable, beautiful, a special gem that is wonderfully treasured.

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3. Super power mother - "I am a mother. What's your super power?"

Although we may not feel like superheroes and feel like we're barely awake, in the eyes of our children you are. 


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4. You have done enough - "If at the end of the day everyone feels loved you have done enough."

When you're drowning in so many things to do and you feel like nothings been done, or when you just don't have the energy to do anything, guess what, it's ok, leave it. If everyone at home feels your love, then you have done enough.

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5. Searching for miracles - "If you are looking for a miracle, look at your children."

Covid 19 has caused so much anxiety so much uncertainty in our lives. If we stop and see the whats precious to us, what gives us purpose we find miracles that's already in front of our eyes.

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6. I'm a mother - You matter, are worthy of good things, strong even if you don't think you are, forgiving yourself for your own failures, loving yourself.

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7. You are enough -  "Mama you are enough. You are so much more than enough."

If at anytime you're feeling guilty during your motherhood journey explains you're already doing well. The time's you sacrificed sleep for your little ones, the times you've helped them take their first step, the times you consoled your crying child, the times you were sick and never had a break, the times you didn't know what to do with a newborn and you've tried crying. Mama let me remind you, you have done more than enough!

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8. Its okay - Motherhood is like a rollercoaster ride for all different emotions. There can be good days and there can be many bad days. It's okay to have a bad day, it's okay to be that imperfect mother, it's okay to yell, cry and get help. Just do one thing, never give up.



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